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There is a bernette for you!
  Meet the next generation bernette 
sewing and embroidery machines.

bernette b79               

The bernette b79 is a sewing and embroidery combination machine.
This machine will cover all of your sewing and embroidery needs
with a huge 10" x 6" hoop (included) 
along with a built in walking foot (dual feed) so feeds all of your fabrics
 as the same pace. 

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bernette b79
sewing and embroidery
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bernette b77
If embroidery is not your speed then the bernette b77 is your new best friend.

She can take care of all of your sewing needs and then some.

The b77 focuses exclusively on sewing and quilting .
Get creative and sew your own clothes, quilts, or accessories.
Discover new stitches and sewing techniques with this easy-to-use computerized sewing machine.
Sew a delicate chiffon dress or a fine leather clutch.
No worries, with the b77 it’s simple to work with all kinds of materials .
Even quilt several layers with an impressive stitch quality.
Enjoy the countless creative possibilities of the b77 and get inspired for your next make!

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bernette b77
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bernette b70


The computerized embroidery machine
to raise your creativity to the next level

The b70 DECO is a real specialist. As a pure embroidery machine, 
it offers everything for decorating or personalizing clothing or accessories.
With over 200 embroidery designs installed the right motif is at your fingertips –
and you can directly edit it on the touch screen. Want something truly yours?
 Upload and save your own embroidery motifs via USB flash drive.
Raise your creativity to the next level with the embroidery
software modules Lettering and Editing of BERNINA Toolbox.

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bernette b 70
embroidery only!

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Bernette B38 Sewing Machine

The affordable top model in the bernette series of sewing machines, with a wide range of functions and accessories.

Bernette B38 – Features and Benefits

Automatic limitation for double needles

When you change from a single to a double needle, the "double needle button" will help you adapt your needle to the presser foot so that neither needle will inadvertently hit the presser foot and break off. The "double needle safety" function limits the stitch width so that the needle doesn't hit the presser foot.

Adjusting the presser foot pressure to suit the material

For some materials, such as lightweight or thin fabrics, it is advisable to adjust the presser foot pressure. Your bernette 38 offers this practical feature.

Automatic thread cutter and tie-off function

When you get to the end of a seam, the thread has to be tied off to prevent the seam unravelling. Normally, you would do this by making a quick backwards and forwards stitch. This is no longer necessary with the bernette 38, as it has an automatic tie-off function. Simply select the Tie-off button and the end of the seam will be tied off automatically. When you have finished your sewing project, press the button for the automatic thread cutter and you can pull your completed work out from under the needle without having to reach for the scissors.

Extension table for large sewing projects included

The extension table supplied with the bernette 38 is easy to attach and detach, and gives you more space for large sewing projects such as clothes, quilts or curtains.


Bernette B44 Overlocker

The Bernette B44 Overlocker is a great value featuring an abundance of features and accessories at a relatively low cost.

Bernette B44 – Features and Benefits

Beautiful overlock seams, even for beginners

The bernette Funlock 44 is easy to operate, even for beginners, because the 15 different stitches with 2, 3, or 4 threads ensure maximum flexibility when selecting stitches. And, at the same time, you always achieve a professional stitch quality. In addition to the 2, 3 and 4-thread seams, you can also provide your sewing projects with excellent rolled hems with a width of up to 1.5 mm.

Threading made simple

The colour-coded, open thread path makes the bernette Funlock 44 easy to thread by following the coloured markings. A separate needle threader and lower looper threading mechanism also make threading easier.

Plenty of space for your accessories

The most important overlocker accessories are always to hand in the looper cover. Other accessories are stored in a separate box.

Precise and flexible overlocking

With the bernette Funlock 44, your sewing is always uniform, even at 1300 stitches per minute. The overlocker even sews and cuts thicker fabric with ease and precision, in a single step. The seam allowances cut off during sewing drop into the waste collector that comes with the bernette Funlock 44.

What is the differential feed for?

The differential feed always ensures smooth seams with knitted fabrics and crimp-free seams with fine fabrics. By adjusting the setting between 0.6 and 2, however, deliberate crimping can also be created, e.g. for decorative ruffles.


Bernette B37 Sewing Machine

An affordable sewing machine with a wide range of features and impressive stitch quality.

Bernette B37 – Features and Benefits

Simple operation for more efficient sewing

The bernette 37 has over 50 different stitches, consisting of 17 utility and stretch stitches, 2 darning stitches and 19 decorative stitches, 5 buttonholes and 7 quilting stitches. This means you are well equipped to handle any sewing project. The stretch stitches enable you to sew elastic jersey fabrics.

Adjusting the presser foot pressure to suit the material

For some materials, such as lightweight or thin fabrics, it is advisable to adjust the presser foot pressure. Your bernette 38 offers this practical feature.

Good stitch quality, even on thicker fabrics

The 2-step presser foot lift enables the bernette 37 to master even thick layers of fabric. This is a real advantage when quilting, for example. The two steps involved in lifting the presser foot give you more space between the presser foot and the transporter, so you can place various layers of fabric beneath the foot.

Decorative and quilting stitches for magical embellishments

Not only does the bernette 37 have a wide range of utility stitches, such as straight stitch and zigzag stitch, but it also offers a whole series of decorative and quilting stitches, which you can use to add beautiful patterns to your sewing projects.


bernettesew&go 1

The bernette sew&go 1 is a mechanical sewing machine and the entry model for the sew&go family. With 10 stitches and a maximum stitch width of 5 mm, it provides excellent basic functions at a very economical price. Clearly designed and easy to operate, it‘s perfect for beginner sewers. A full four presser feet (soles), including the buttonhole foot and a zipper foot, come as standard with this model.

  • 2-step presser foot lift

  • Direct stitch selection and stitch adjustments

  • needle threader

  • Presser foot pressure

  • young & fresh design